Crisis Management

The workshop on crisis management is dedicated to bishops, general vicars, provincials, mothers provincial, diocesan spokesmen as well as to other persons, who – owing to their position – represent the local church in its relations with the media. The activities to be performed during the workshop are supposed to help manage and overcome a crisis, as well as develop our alertness to a possible crisis.

The seminar consists of a lecture-based part, when a number of experts share their knowledge and experience. One of our distinguished speakers is father John Dardis SJ, who served as a spokesman in Dublin diocese, when the church in Ireland was facing the accusation of sexual abuse of children. Father Dardis will tell us how in a situation of a crisis we should talk to the secular world in a convincing and honest way.

In the second part of the seminar we offer practical activities; the participants will have a chance to rehearse their speeches, conversations and interviews on difficult and controversial topics in front of a video camera. The workshops are conducted by professional journalists from public and commercial media.

We extend our invitation to experienced persons, as well as those who are planning their encounters with the media.


The Seminar will take place in the European Centre of Communication and Culture (ECCC) in Warsaw.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management


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