English Language Course for Bishops and Their Associates

The two- week English Language Course will take place on September 3-20, 2020 in Warsaw. This course is specifically designed for Church leaders: Bishops and higher Curia officials, who, due to their ongoing responsibilities, cannot be away from their faith communities for a longer period needed for the full immersion course.

The course participants will have an opportunity to gain and broaden English language knowledge, with an emphasis on perfecting communication skills. Speaking will be the main element of the course. Moreover, the participants will have an opportunity to perfect their writing, reading and listening skills.

The course participants will be divided into groups, depending on the level of English spoken (beginners, intermediate and advanced levels). The largely interactive classes will be taught by experienced professionals. Each participant will receive a textbook, which, together with additional materials prepared by the teachers, will allow for improving language skills in a friendly and interesting way.

During the course, on September 10 and 11 a Seminar on Catholic Social Teaching will be held. 

Thanks to the USCCB support, participation in the course and the seminar, including accommodation and meals is free of charge.

If you would like to sign up for the English course/seminar please complete the application form.

Please note that space is limited and preference is given to the bishops and other ecclesiastical superiors, while registration for Curia officials is on a first come, first served basis.